Afternoon Soul Strolling



Music Of The Sea ……

On a deserted stretch of beach

I slowly walk..alone.

Loneliness escapes me,

With the elements I am home.

I am one with the Earth,

The Sea and the Sky.

Linked by unseen fibers,

I do not question why.

A connection is what I feel,

I sense and I believe.

As I hear my name,

Quietly sung,

By the waves and ocean breeze.

The music of the sea,

Is calling me home.

Peacefully I walk along,

The shores of home, alone.



18 thoughts on “Afternoon Soul Strolling

  1. Very nice. Of course you know I always feel the same way at the beach. The only difference is I think there’s a sense of waiting for something when I’m there. Weird… It’s always been that way. And listening to a shell is like being called to dinner when I was little and it was time to go home.

    • 🐚🐚🐚🐚🐚🐚

      I’ve strolled the beach with questions running through my thoughts,,,and have been given answers…….whatever it is your waiting for may just ‘wash ashore’ when you least expect it?!

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