Saturday Serenade….🎼🐴

“With flowing tail and flying mane,

Wide nostrils never stretched by pain,

Mouth bloodless to bit or rein,

And feet that iron never shod,
And flanks unscar’d by spur or rod,

A thousand horses – the wild – the free –

Like waves that follow o’er the sea,

Came thickly thundering on.”

~Lord Byron~

This weekends edition of Saturday Serenade is for The Horses. Inspired by John Denver’s Eagles And Horses, which just so happened to pop up in my FB newsfeed this morning….so I ran with it. Hope y’all enjoy the music, lyrics and scenery in the videos shared!!! 🐴

Wild Horses by Natasha Bedingfield (love her song Unwritten)

Now We Are a Free by Hans Zimmer (from the Horse Whisperer)

And last…but certainly not least…Wildfire by Michael Martin Murphy…(I still LOVE this song)

15 thoughts on “Saturday Serenade….🎼🐴

  1. “Wildfire” is one of my favorite songs. It always makes me want to cry. 🙂 I LOVE anything Hans Zimmer does. He’s probably my favorite contemporary composer. Surprised I wasn’t familiar with the John Denver song. Thought I knew all his stuff. The second one I didn’t know at all. Do you know this one by Susan Boyle? It was her breakout cd…

  2. Linda, this was such a beautiful post, and each video and song was so amazing! As well as the Eagles in flight! When I was young, the first figurines I collected were of horses! They touched my heart so!

      • I am sorry that your lost your collection. 😦 I’ve also lost touch with my horse figurines. I have just one left that I keep on our dresser. It fits in quite well with our Southwestern themed bedroom. But I miss them all. Many things have gone, without my being able to say good-bye.

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