Dragonfly Dreams

I dreamed I was a Dragonfly,

Dancing on the wind.

Sunlight shining down on me,

Warming me from within.

Living in the moment,

No thoughts of the past.

The future far in front of me,

The time is Now at last.

My spirit is awakening,

On iridescent wings I soar.

I fly an enlightened path,

Towards change for ever more.


January 21, 2016 


(Photo via Pinterest)

11 thoughts on “Dragonfly Dreams

      • I did that with one of the seats. Truth is, there aren’t a lot of folks in my life like that. Oh, I’m doing the descriptions at the moment, not the speeches. I was putting it all in a notebook, but beginning to think that’s twice the work. May just type it all in a post and then save it to a text document. Had to switch to my slow laptop as my Chromebook’s keyboard was giving my wrists fits… So it’s kind of taking forever! I’m just afraid to take it in somewhere because the manuscript for GB and SJ are both on here. Don’t want to get them ripped off.

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