My Good Morning Musing ☀️


Mother Natures brushstrokes

Paint the coming dawn.

A new day filled with hope.

One filled with wonder

And endless possibilities.

©lindafedroff January 22, 2016


10 thoughts on “My Good Morning Musing ☀️

  1. Gorgeous!!! The pictures you take and post, are they daily? Do you get each picture on the day you post it? And when you write the poetry, are you there sitting and in the midst of that moment captured on film? What a glorious thought.

    • Thank you Fim…I’ve been using photos from my ‘archives’ lately just because I haven’t had a chance to get out as much……as for my writing, that to depends….some come while I’m soul strolling, others while sitting quietly in my space.

      • I’ve often wished I had a tape recorder when I’m some where and something hits like a V-8 moment. I don’t have the ‘total recall,’ I used to have, oh so long ago… wait, I’m not even sure I’ve ever had it. Hmmmm.
        I can’t wait for summer to go out to my secret spot, and muse.

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