Snowy Moments ❄️

The Snow has started falling,

Blanketing everything in white.

In snow globe fashion,

Fat fluffy flakes are swirling about.

A hush has fallen

And all is peaceful.

©lindafedroff January 22, 2016


16 thoughts on “Snowy Moments ❄️

  1. The snow hadn’t hit us yet. We’re due later tonight! I’ve made two citron pound cakes. One for Bonaparte and one for the plumber who is coming on Sunday. I swear to god, I’ve been working on a blog post about this Paleo thing all day and have creating blocks right now because the damn snow is on my mind. I”m also hoping this is the one and only snow to hit this winter.
    Jake is in Rio and supposed to fly back home to JFK on Monday but, helicopter mom that I am, I’m checking out the plane scheduling..and it’s only Friday! XOXOXO

    • I baked some rolls for Jim. I’m not eating bread at the moment,,but oh the smell of it baking was killing me!’m
      I’m not to worried about the snow,,,it’s the high winds that are forecast and the high tides 😱😱
      Hope Jakes flights aren’t delayed,,,from the news right now the airports are a mess!!!

  2. Stet and Co. are already getting slammed. They declared a state of emergency there this afternoon before it started falling. 2010 was the biggest snow storm they’d had in years and we were there for that one. We’re used to lots of snow but NOT where they don’t have road equipment to deal with it. It was scary. Plato is even getting snow right now.

    • What snow fell is gone…’s the high winds and flooding we’ve got to worry about now…..there was gusts of 80 mph on the beach!!! We lost electrify over night, but thank goodness it’s back on and the temps are in the 40s now…….but it sounds like a freight train outside,,,trees have come down in some yards…hoping ours stay put!! 😱😁

  3. Stef says they have 17″ in their yard now. Supposed to make it to 30″ before midnight tonight. Did you take one of your pages down? I went to post on the one with the video of the beach and the page disappeared. This is what I had posted: Did this water create that little ravine or was it already there? We stayed a couple nights in Cocoa Beach, Florida when Bran got married and talked to the owner of the hotel we stayed in on the beach about how the last big hurricane that came through there changed their property. So interesting… Thought maybe you lost power just then. It just says Page Not Found.

  4. It’s the day after. How is everything now?
    I know that NYC got 2 feet of snow, and they closed the city down. The weather people said we were not going to get anything, but then they said to expect high winds with some snow (5-8 inches), which compared to the last few years sounds like nothing. We waiting for the accumulations and expected to lose electric because this house pretty much does during any kind of storm. When all was said and done, we didn’t even get an inch, and I didn’t hear any wind. I guess the first guy was right.

    Did Jim get in okay? Hope things get back to normal quick. 40 degrees helps.

    • We faired just fine Fim….the winds finally subsided on Sunday,,and though it was cold, it was also a bright sunny day…I didn’t venture out… is starting off very cold, schools are on a 2 hour delay because of ice, but you’ll have that…..suppose to warm up as the day goes on!!! ☀️☀️☀️

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