Holy Hold On To Your Hat & Put On Your Waders Batman πŸ˜±

Snow  stopped overnight and changed to rain…..winds picked up…we’ve had gusts reported at 80+ mph 😱. Causeway is closed, there is no coming or going off the island. We’ve got flooding and reports of trees down 😱  Lost electric, but thankfully that has come back on! We’re hunkered down….ribs slow cooking in the oven, having a few vodka and orange juices and listening to the wind!!! Hope all who are in the storms path are staying safe and dry!!!!!

Sharing some pics from around the island. None are mine as the town has asked for all residents to stay indoors and off the roads…I’m listening! It’s life on an island after all!



13 thoughts on “Holy Hold On To Your Hat & Put On Your Waders Batman πŸ˜±

  1. Looks bad Linda, some of your neighbours have had flooding? Areas of GB had really bad flooding, some people had only returned to their homes after the last flooding – things are done very slowly here. You stay safe and warm, love the Vodka/Orange. We often get 80mph plus gales here, come off the North Sea top of road. Take care to all of you.

  2. Very worrying for you, I hate the gales always thinking what damage am I going to see the next day – somehow it is always worse in the dark. Try not to go out Linda, I know it is always tempting to see whats going on but stay safe inside. God Bless.

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