He’s Shining Down On Me ☀️


Never wanted to say goodbye,

But leaving he had to do.

‘They’ were calling him home, you see,

His job on earth was done.

I think of him every day,

His physical presence I do miss.

Though I cannot see him,

I feel, I hear, I Know,

He’s with me every single day,

Deep in my heart and in my Soul.

©lindafedroff-January 28, 2016


My grandpa left me 18 years ago. I miss him. ALot! ❤️🙏


9 thoughts on “He’s Shining Down On Me ☀️

  1. My Grandad died 1960 and I miss him so much, he was the kindest the most gentle yet strong man I have ever known. He was totally Blind yet he could “see” so much and had great wisdom, he was 91 when he died – Thomas Tringle, West Cork, Ireland.

    Lovely touching words Linda.

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