I’m A Finisher!!

This weeks assignment over at The Sandbox Writing Challenge is as follows……“What have you left undone.”

I feel a pang of urgency

In everything I do.

It must get done,

I have to finish

Or I become unglued.

When things are in disarray,

Out of place and unkempt.

I start to feel all scatterbrained

With my life in discontent.

To leave anything undone,

It’s not my way to be.

I dot each ‘I’

I cross each ‘t’

I finish off each item efficiently.

I’m of the ilk that Has to get things done. I make the bed as soon as I get up…I never go to bed with dishes in the sink. Poor Jim, he’ll reach for his glass and I’ve already washed it! I’ve only just now ‘allowing’ myself  to NOT finish a book if I’m not enjoying it (gotta say it was hard the first time,,but liberating now!) I try not to be so OCD about it, but if I let things go and leave them undone, my monkey mind kicks in to full gear!!! 🙉


16 thoughts on “I’m A Finisher!!

  1. Oh I love this ! A girl like me. I put my husband’s newspapers in the bin once before he had even read them ( it was very early in our marriage and we are still married 22 years later).

  2. I’m a kindred spirit with OCD. Through the years I’ve learned how to let some things go, but the bed-making and the dishes are still are a must. Loved the poem.

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