Clouds Floating By ☁️☁️ A Haiku

One has to look up 

In order to see the clouds

Each holds a secret




15 thoughts on “Clouds Floating By ☁️☁️ A Haiku

  1. This is so beautiful, the Sky magnificent. Linda, I want to thank you for you did a post and somewhere you mentioned how you rise early – you go to bed about 8.30/9pm and up 4/5am. Well I go to bed 4am I can’t sleep so read/write even do cleaning. Reading what you wrote has had me thinking (yes quite unusual for me!) what a damn fool I am I have to force myself to go to bed early and get up early I am missing the day, I don’t get up until 8/9. It’s all due to when I was diagnosed two years ago with Heart Failure and they put me on all these drugs which tired me out. Once in a bad habit it takes time to get out. So THANK YOU Linda if I had not read your post I would not be telling myself to get out of this awful sleeping habit I am in now.

      • I used to get up at 5 every morning and take my first Daisy a cross Border Collie for a walk but drugs or should I say medication can ruin your life all the drugs I am on for different things have caused me so many problems, sleeping from 4am I want to get out of, and believe me Linda what you wrote really hit me, thank you poppet.

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