My WAYRA Journey ðŸŽ¼

I’m a day late for The Monday Music Medicine Show. But better late than never😄

Fim asks the following: So my beautiful Monday Music Medicine Show friends, if it pleases you to play, share with us: A piece of music which takes you on a journey. This will allow those of us listening to see where that music take them. We can have a musical story swap meet.

The music that came to mind for me, is the music of Wayra. His was the first music I bought after my ex and I separated. I’d listen to it endlessly back then, at, what I believe now was the beginning of my journey…….I haven’t listened or played his music in some time. I’m anxious to listen again and see how I interpret the music Today compared to ‘yesterday’.



13 thoughts on “My WAYRA Journey ðŸŽ¼

  1. Gorgeous! Especially the last one. I bought Drollery an Indian flute for Father’s Day a few years ago. He had fun just making pretty noise with it, but it’s kind of hard to play because there’s not a note for every note on the scale, so some songs sound like you hit a wrong one now and then. But he did start buying flute music cd’s after that. So why were you drawn to the flute?

  2. You took me on a journey with your choices, which I am grateful for! It is stunningly beautiful, and brings me to a place which is deep and soulful. Thank you so much for sharing this!
    I can understand why this would be a healing journey for you.
    When you listened again, now, how did it feel?
    Blessed Be!

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