Here we are, Week 25 of The Sandbox Writing Challenge. This week we’re tackling Vulnerability. Oh Yay! (She says sarcastically!)

So, I started digging, skimming the surface for some simple, even superficial answer…then thought what the hell,,dig a bigger hole Linda. Here’s what I found. 


After years of hurt…

Years of pain…

Grown-up me

Has broken free…..


The little girl inside of me….

Way deep inside…

Still hopes…

Still waits…

For acceptance…

For love..


I’ve spoken quite a bit about my past….and through the Sandbox I’ve discovered the courage to deal with and admit things that have been buried for a long time. 

I believe I’ll always be ‘vulnerable’ when it comes to my parents. The withholding of their love, the feelings of inadequacy, of not being good enough…with the hope that someday they’ll realize I’m worth knowing, worth loving……………..Then I snap myself out of that little fantasy, ’cause quite honestly, to give them the opportunity to mess with my head/mind or my heart/emotions is not something I’m willing to do. I may be susceptible but I ain’t stupid!! I accept and acknowledge that their lack of love and acceptance is their problem..I Know I’m worthy and deserving…..but I’m also human and every now and then…………..


10 thoughts on “I AM WORTHY!! 

  1. Hope you dont mind me butting in on your “Sandbox writing Challenge” but had to say you have got it spot on with what you said, I have tears in my eyes.

    Linda just a big hug for that blog of yours re early hours – first time in a very long time I went to bed before 4am actually 2am better than 4, got up 6am awake 5am feeling so much better. Going to try and make it 1am “tonight” – thanks Linda, Anna.

  2. Your poem was just so on point and perfect. I can really relate. Takes a strong person to not let the toxic people in their life mess with their head — again. You are SO worth it, girlfriend! I admire you a lot.

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