The Woman I’m Meant To Be 

Who am I?

Who’s that I see?

In the mirror,

Looking back at me?

The time has come…

Acceptance is key…

As I become,

The woman I’m meant to be.

Graying at the temples,

Wrinkles around my eyes,

All play their part,

So I surmise.

I’m so much more,

Then what everyone sees,

I’m a woman who’s sufficient,

Who’s stronger than she seems.


Like a Phoenix rising from the flames,

My Spirit’s breaking free.

I embrace this amazing woman,

Residing inside of me.


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16 thoughts on “The Woman I’m Meant To Be 

  1. What a fabulous affirmation, Linda! I LOVE that image, the phoenix rising from that which came before. I just saw something on a video, and one of the bits of information is when we’re standing (or sitting) in our seat of power, we’re open like the arms held high, and the wings opened. Not only your words, but your choice of accompanying graphic speaks volumes of how you’re changed, and grown. It is thrilling to be able to watch you, beautiful woman you are, quickening! (fist pumps here)

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