I’ve Fallen…I’ve Risen 👊

On this date, one year ago….I had what could be called a meltdown, an episode, even an epiphany….actually, looking back at it, it was all of the above. It was an awakening for sure. If I wanted to ‘fix’ my crumbling emotional/spiritual self, I needed to take some action..it wasn’t going to fix itself. So, I slowly started that leg of my journey…….I’m definitely not the same me I was back then. I’ve come a long way………In finding my voice, I’ve freed myself…….


[Photo Credit Diviant Art]   

I was overwhelmed with life…

My emotions and spirits numb.

Inside, I was slowly dying,

The time had finally come….

I stood on the precipice,

Of my self imposed cliff…

And fell into the darkness,

Of that bottomless pit….

One thing on my mind,

Make the pain go away…

 A non-stop trip down,

There was hell to pay….

I landed at the station,

Came to the end of that road…

I could sit there and wallow,

Or I could begin to unload….

Though it took some doing,

Unload I did do…

The pain was subsiding,

I was feeling renewed…

Inch by craggy inch,

I started the climb…

I was heading for home,

Ready to shine…

My fingers were scraped,

Emotions were raw…

But each foothold up,

I felt more secure…

Filled with determination,

I ascended that wall…

My hell imposed self,

Survived her fall….

This life is mine for the making.

It’s not what it used to be.

I m leaving behind the poisoned past,

And setting myself free…..

I’ve reached the top,

No longer will I fall….

This girl’s got wings to fly now,

I’ve heeded my call….



[Photo Credit Diviant Art]

14 thoughts on “I’ve Fallen…I’ve Risen 👊

  1. What an incredibly poignant post. It definitely resonated with me and reminded me of my own journey thus far. It hurts, but sometimes breaking and feeling the depth of that pain is the start of the healing process. Hopefully, being reflective and mindful will minimize future pain. Thank you for sharing. Emma

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