Slightly Odd 😜

Another Sunday…another go-round ofΒ Cee’s Oddball Challenge. My contribution this week……

These guys and gals are the Greeters at our local corner mart here on the island….

A selfie of me with the gorilla during a game of putt putt golf 🐡

And this piece of drift wood I came across during one of my Soul Strolls….to me it looked like some animals butt and swinging tail?!


27 thoughts on “Slightly Odd 😜

  1. The first two pics are great.. But, the wooden butt sticking out of the sand just looks too much like my dog on a sandy stream or riverbank.. It’s the only places he’s allowed to dig and his butt is all you see in less than 5 minutes πŸ˜„
    So the 3rd picture is the best to me !

  2. I sure would love to meet those greeters! They are beautiful!
    WONDERFUL selfie! Your smile is wonderful!
    I LOVE that driftwood! The color is amazing!
    Is there a salt scent in the air on your island? Does it smell like the beach? I LOVE that scent!

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