I ❤️ Life 


In the unlikeliest of places,

Hearts do abound,

If you just open your eyes,

And take a look around…..


Feel the love of Nature,

It doesn’t discriminate.

If you open yourself up to it,

It will surely propagate….


A peaceful, calm engulfs you

As nature does her best,

To surround you with reminders,

Of the love she does beget.




15 thoughts on “I ❤️ Life 

    • I always say, we need to open not only our eyes, but hearts and minds as well. I really do try to see the beauty Anna. The news nowadays just depresses the hell out of me…so much hate….and now with the upcoming elections and all the negativity spewing from people’s mouths…UGHhh!!! Sometimes we just need to ‘see’ and feel the beauty and wonder that is out there in nature..it’s good medicine! ❤️💚

  1. I know you are right Linda, I get so much from your posts. I had to neglect my beloved garden last year and now I am pushing and pushing myself that so very soon I have to go back out there and restore it to what it was – my beauty my nature and all it gave me. Thanks Linda, for being you.

      • I was thinking of doing that Linda, before and after and that would be good for me to look at, I have a small Woodland Garden that has probably more nettles than anything but this time or March on its way it is covered usually in Bluebells.

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