All By Myself…

This weeks Sandbox Writing Challenge is as follows:

The first word words to pop in my mind when confronted with the above image was

Povery: the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support;condition of being poor.

Forlorn: 1.desolate or dreary; unhappy or miserable, as in feeling, condition, or appearance. 

2.lonely and sad; forsaken

But, after studying it for a while longer….though she appears to be alone I see…Determination (Resolute)characterized by firmness and determination, as the temper, spirit, actions,etc.:

So, now that we’ve had our vocabulary lesson for the day 😉 on to the rest of the challenge.

I have a memory of myself, a skinny little girl, scared each time her mother would leave the house and leave me home alone with ‘him’. Every Sunday morning, she would leave the house  to go to the bakery while we were suppose to be sleeping. The minute I’d hear her leave, I’d awaken my sisters and sneak them out into the hallway of the 2 family house we lived in. We’d tiptoe up the stairs to the landing above and watch out the window for her to come home. As soon as we’d see her pull up to the curb, back down the stairs we would go…and then as quietly as we could, back to our room. 

In the Determined mind of that seven/eight year old girl, I was ‘saving’ us from him. I don’t remember ever thinking about what would happen if we were caught…I just knew I needed to get us out of the house. We never were caught, though I couldn’t save myself all the time. ( I can’t speak of or for my sisters. To this day, they side with our mother and feel I’ve been unfair to her and her hard life.)


(Funny, all the years I’ve had this photograph, it just struck me to see how I’m off to the side, while D & B are together….that’s pretty much the way it was is/was)


17 thoughts on “All By Myself…

  1. That’s a fascinating observation about the picture. And a really great post. I could feel the mind of that little girl. And you didn’t misread the original picture up there, either. That little girl was in Burma. Here’s the caption that was with it:

    “A Burmese refugee child sort through rubbish at the Maepa trash dump. About 22 families, more than 300 people live and work there trying to make a living earning a meager income by collecting and re-using plastic and other refuse. They earn about 3 baths per kilogram. The children situation is specifically, the don’t have alternative but to work since they are just babies. Mae Sot, Thailand. 2011. MAYSUN”

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  3. I think that brave, little girl in the photo needs a big hug. ((HUGS))

    The following is from Mary’s blog: ‘Walking My Path.’
    (“If time is an illusion, I like to think that maybe healing migrates to all time lines, so healing childhood wounds actually heals the child back then. Maybe she felt the certainty that her Higher Self or the adult me was with her. I hope so. I believe the more we do our healing work, it echoes all over the world. The vibration of healing and Love attract “like” energy, and it grows and GROWS, and ripples, like water, through time.”)

  4. I just read a post yesterday about the vibration of language, being mindful about what and how we speak, and the healing vibration of words and storying as we relate our histories, wounds and scars. Synchronicity is so awesome 🙂

  5. Nice post. Thanks for sharing,
    The first few words that echoed through my mind when I saw that picture were “Let go of the baggage kid! The baggage full of rubbish like grudges, hate, jealousy etc, will drag you down. Let go of the baggage and be free”

  6. Really nice post… I wonder if there is a subconscious connection with your childhood fear of your mum going to the bakery and leaving you on we and the fact that years later you ended up working in a bakery… You were not left behind at home anymore… You were waiting for people to come to you, at the bakery…

    • Hmmmmmmm…I Never thought of that Noémie.
      Cooking and baking were things I had to learn on my mother wasn’t into that sort of thing. I found I had a niche for baking after I got married and had children. I loved/love cookbooks and recipes!! But who knows…maybe in the deep, dark recesses of my being that fear of abandonment did play a part?!?!

    • Oh most definitely Fim! Sometimes I feel as though I’m sounding like a broken record when I say, this whole Sandbox thing has been so incredibly therapeutic!!!!!! I’ve found that as I start to write, more of the memory comes into focus, so I can ‘deal’ with it and let it go!!!

      • I like to think of that as an important message on repeat. How could we not want to share such a valuable tool with the world! I have found that it’s no longer just a challenge, rather it’s become a gift we give ourselves (thanks to Calen) every week. Like Arlo Guthrie said, it is becoming a movement. 🙂

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