Unsuspecting Subjects….Those Candid Photos

It’s seems like forever since I’ve participated in one of Cee’s Challenges. Today’s topic is Black & White..Candid Photo Challenge (people and/or animals). 


mennonite children waiting for the ponies.



nana and landon


calee,,should I or shouldnt I jump in?!


Memorial Day 🙏🇺🇸


Healing My Spirit 🙏

I Am So Lovin’ this 21-Day Mediation Experience. Today’s meditation ..Healing your Hidden Issues was spot on. It’s not rocket science, but it’s also not as easy as it sounds. I can attest to that. BUT it IS possible. I know, because I’ve been working on doing just that over the last 8 months or so via the Sandbox Writing Challenge. I’ve mentioned this before in past blog posts, and I know I may sound like a broken record sometimes, but the exercises Calen introduces us to each week, have really opened the door for me. I found the courage to step through that door and have found healing…..my meditation practice helps enhance that healing. It feels good to know I’m on the right path for Me…..and as I continue on my journey, My Light Shines Brighter With Each Step I Take ☀️


Day 11-Centering Thought


Day 11 – Healing Your Hidden Issues

“The light within us can always identify our mind’s darkness.” ― Munia Khan

In today’s meditation, we become more aware of what’s really happening inside, including our old issues from the past.

It can feel scary to acknowledge these feelings, but this can be done with knowledge and patience where these issues dissolve in the light of awareness. Today we explore our true self as luminous awareness.

Be At Peace ☮

Day 10 of the 21 Day Meditation Experience….

Today’s meditation ✌️🙏. One word.  Peace ❤️☮ Just like Love has to come from within, so does Peace. My inner peace leads the way……..

Day 10-Centering Thought

Day 10 – All Fulfillment Comes from Peace

“Each one has to find his peace from within.” ~Mahatma Gandhi~

We all know the peaceful, settled contentment that comes from being fulfilled. Today we learn that peace comes first. It isn’t the result of fulfillment, it’s the source of fulfillment.

In meditation we discover that peace is our true self. In that state of peace, there are no cravings and no lack. Needs are life-affirming and arise not out of lack, but out of abundance. 

In reality, our true self is simple contentment.

A Little Edge Alignment….

Photo101’is coming down the home stretch. Day 18 is about Edge & Alignment. 

Today’s Tip: To make sure your edge packs a punch, use a photo editing tool to check the alignment and adjust the image, if needed, so that your edge is perfectly straight….……I aligned the bottom edge of the planes wing….

wing of a Thunderbird

This was taken from my back door as the sun was coming up….I used the horizontal edge of the roofline…


perfect posture and alighnment!