Beachy Oddballs 

Sunday means it’s time for Cee’s Oddball Challenge. Here are my contributions to this weeks challenge……..

This is a Whelk egg casing …or ‘Mermaids Necklace’


A Horseshoe Crab w/barnacles attached.


A Scallop Shell filled with salty seafoam



34 thoughts on “Beachy Oddballs 

  1. I love your photos always! Those egg casings have many tiny perfect little conch shells inside. I guess whelk is another word for conch? So beautiful. You always make me miss the east coast sea so much!!

    • I’ve been in the habit of calling them conchs, but in our area they are whelks…the casing I found was empty this time around Mary…

      “rule of thumb would be that whelks are found in temperate water and conchs are found in more tropical waters.”

  2. The whelk thingy looks too much like our hornets nest! (Did I tell you it was a hornets nest, not a wasp?) But that shell with the seafoam is beautiful. Will the bubbles stay that way?

  3. What an interesting group of photos! The Whelk egg casing is really fascinating, when I checked in on the link… So when see big shells, that look like the biggest in the penny pic, they’re what the Whelk eggs can grow into? What lives inside the shell?
    Beautiful Horseshoe crab. It reminds me of a metal detector; you know, the kind people use to search of lost metal in the sands of beaches?
    I might be watching bit too much “Roswell,” because I could see alien faces in the foam LOL

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