Photography101…….Take, Take Me Home….

Here we go! First day of Photography101…today’s subject is HOME. 

Home to me…is that place deep inside where my soul/spirit resides……and the place where I feel most connected to my soul/spirit is outdoors, in nature. Whether I’m at the beach or a forest of trees, a lake or mountain,,,,when I’m one with nature, I Am Home…Home these days is this quiet stretch of beach…….

This little space amongst the loblolly pines is the perfect place for meditation…it’s the perfect ‘room with a view!’

And this….my ‘skylight’

27 thoughts on “Photography101…….Take, Take Me Home….

  1. Loved the view of your meditation space, Linda. Wonderful photos expressing where your heart feels most a home. 🙂 Personal and beautiful post.

  2. Beautiful! I love the new banner as well!
    I totally missed the sign up for Photo101. Darn it. I might just have to keep my eye out on your site for the deets! 🙂 XO

  3. Well said, Linda! Being out in Nature is exactly home!
    I LOVE the photos, especially the one you call ‘room with a view.’ That is your beach there, where you live? For some reason, I didn’t expect to see sand beneath the trees. They are evergreens, looking at them, and I had not considered they grow in a sandy soil.
    But it is truly a place that looks like the perfect place for meditation, contemplation and reflection.

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