Photography 101…Day 2…My Street View

Took this while enjoying my first cup of coffee of the new day….taken with my IPad…this is my favorite time of day!!!

The next 2 photos were taken downtown with my IPhone…..the streets are pretty empty this time of year…in another 3 months this little island will be tourist-ville!!!! 😁

And this is just for fun…our local fisherman, clammers and oysterman all work the waterways,,,so the channel is their ‘street’!


26 thoughts on “Photography 101…Day 2…My Street View

    • Ask me that in July, during Pony Penning and I’ll tell you YES!! lol

      This time of year, most of the houses on my block are empty..there’s 7 houses that are occupied year round…..We’re right in the middle of the block,,,half a block from the bay…and I can walk or ride my bike to the post office, library, grocery store, the creamery,,the pharmacy…the only place I have to drive to is the beach, and I can ride my bike if I really wanted to………..’confined’ isn’t a word that pops in my head living here.

      • I would too. Even in winter. I hate cold weather, but oddly, I never have minded it on the coast. Everything else feels so right, the weather is non-issue. Even on the water. Y’all are very lucky to live where you do. I love our place, the space and nature and serenity. But there’s no substitute, to me, for the coast, especially the region you’re in. We prefer a bit south of you, but it’s similar. I’ll be there as soon as possible. 😃

      • The only time the cold is Really an issue is when the wind is blowing……..I’ve helped out on a clamming boat and had a blast,,,but it was warm……clamming in winter, means me in neoprene …. That is soooooo not happening!! lol

  1. Your little Town which by the way looks just so great, reminds me when in Vancouver we were taken to stay with some friends who lived up in the mountains we were told “keep your eyes open this is our Town” it was just one street of small shops and I loved it. Your Town is what I imagine real America is like, kind friendly people who know/like each other and help each other.

      • Lucky you, I know the woman either side of m, a wave to the man across the road and I have an woman I know well down the road, that’s it. People want to know your business here but not you. So I really know no one special here. Christmas my youngest Son and myself dress up go out and try to make people feel happy, one year we were coming home, my dog was dressed up too, the little Boy across the road was looking out his window at us and I waved all of a sudden his Mother appeared and pulled him away and closed the curtains, Christmas Morning, this is here and a lot oif England.

      • There’s folks like that all over Anna….even here. Some people just don’t know how or they just don’t want to be friendly. I almost always smile and say good morning…though I do have my moments when I don’t want to be bothered. 😁

  2. There is such a quaint sense to the town. If I had not seen the digital gas station sign, I’d almost imagine this was back in time. I love the idea of being able to walk anywhere. Q and I want to return to Texas, and the town is small like that, but a lot of people complain about it being too remote. That actually sounds lovely to me 🙂

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