My Soul Stroll this morning found me heading north up the beach…that put the forest of the Refuge to my left, and ocean to my right. As I walked, I could see in the distance, this magnificent creature, just waiting for me. I approached slowly as I took my pictures. I shot a few, quietly whispered my Thank You for posing so nicely for me, and continued on my way……this little haiku popped in my head as I strolled along….. 
Noblest of birds

Sitting high upon her throne

Watches over me


Now, obviously I do not know whether this is the female of the pair that call our Refuge home…..but since she posed so regally and patiently for me, I’m taking liberties and ‘assuming’ this is the ‘matriarch’ ☺️


19 thoughts on “Eagle-Haiku 

  1. Gorgeous! The Haiku and the eagle! I always say thank you too, when animals are still for a shot. So kind of them.

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