Photography 101-Day 5-Solitude 

Day 5 of Photography 101 has us interpreting Solitude and Thirds. As soon as I read that Solitude was our assignment, I knew where I was headed….And Nope, it wasn’t the beach, though that is my go to place to enjoy my solitude and aloneness. Instead, I drove down to the southern most end of our island this morning….I have to be honest and say I didn’t give thirds much of a thought…. I just knew I wanted to photograph the Lost Sailors Cross over looking the channel…..Took a few other photos as well, in their own way depicting solitude…I hope I’ve done the subject some justice…


God Bless our lost sailors


empty shack


lone boat heading out

13 thoughts on “Photography 101-Day 5-Solitude 

  1. You definitely did the subject justice through your gorgeous pictures. Love the sunset behind the cross and the one lone boat especially.

  2. I try to see both, though our canyon is narrow so we don’t see much, but still beautiful. I love when the sun is coming up, we know what time it is by watching which trees light up.

  3. Love the empty shack pix. Now THAT’S solitude! When Amy and I ran away to the coast in 2000 and stayed in the lighthouse, we drove up to Gloucester to see this monument. Gloucester is where the ship from “The Perfect Storm” sailed out of that night.

    • Thanks Fim….I have to be honest and admit it as much as I love and enjoy my photography, I’m not up in all the jargon…yet!

      But here’s what the email for the challenge said….

      Use the “Rule of Thirds” grid — in your viewfinder, on your screen, or in your mind — to place your subject(s) within your frame. Does your shot look better as a landscape with your subject at the top left? A vertical shot with the subject at the bottom right?

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