9 thoughts on “Saturday Serenade 🎀 Happy St. Patty’s Day πŸ€

  1. Now you KNOW how much I love Celtic Thunder! (And to think I had them mixed up with Thunder From Down Under at one time! ^^’ ) I have never seen a Celtic Harp with colored strings. That’s very interesting. And I wouldn’t mind buying me a bodhran and learning to play!!! Might come in handy when I want to beat the crap out of someone here! πŸ˜‰ LOL

    This is my FAVORITE Irish band The Elders with my favorite song of their, Men of Erin. I’ve been seriously crushing on Norm (next to the keyboards in the red plaid shirt) since the first time we saw them years ago!

  2. Part of my heritage is Irish, and I grew up listing (and dancing) to Irish jigs. My favorite songs from those days are MANY, but here’s a few I loved the best!

    This one came later, after I’d gotten married. By Loreena McKennit

  3. Love the Green, reminds having to go to school with Shamrock hanging from me, loads of it. My Auntie Hannie used to send it over to us, just as well nearly everyone else at school was covered in it too – mainly Irish/Catholic school.

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