Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge….Beachy Odd Balls Part II

This Sunday brings us to Week #11 of Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge. My entries this week are a continuation of last weeks….more beachy oddballs from my soul strolls this week…


washed up tires=beach art


Caution…You never know what a storm is going to leave behind!


horseshoe crab tree


as I was approaching this, from a distance it looked like a cross



14 thoughts on “Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge….Beachy Odd Balls Part II

  1. While these are all oddballs, that horseshoe crab tree (a variety of the species “crabtree”?) makes me laugh. I’m enjoying my vision of the crabs trying to get up there themselves. 🙂


    • Beach combers like myself are always coming up with creative ways of using what the beach has to offer…whether it’s the carcasses of the crabs or broken conch shells, the trees are always put to use!! 😄

  2. These are great!!! I especially loved The Rubber Tree… bringing me in mind of the song. 🙂
    And OMGosh, the Horseshoe Crab Tree! Were those poor being tossed up during the storm? Was it planned by some Horseshoe Crab afficionado? You have some really great photo ops!

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