Saint Patty’s Day Cinema….The Quiet Man

Happy St. Patty’s Day Folks! 💚🍀🍻 House smells amazing with the aroma of corned beef and cabbage,,,potatoes and carrots and Irish soda bread! Looking forward to our wonderful meal and then we’ll be watching one of my favorite movies.. The Quiet Man. I just love the two of them together!

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day then to watch John Ford’s, “The Quiet Man” (1952). It’s been 64 St. Patrick’s Days (including today) since the premiere of The Quiet Man, but it’s been a lot longer since John Ford first wanted to make the film back in 1933 after reading Maurice Walsh’s, “The Quiet Man”, a short story first published in the Saturday Evening Post. (Borrowed from the John Wayne FB Page)

14 thoughts on “Saint Patty’s Day Cinema….The Quiet Man

  1. One of my favourite films too, and John Wayne’s favourite Actress and close friend. Part of the film was shot in Killarney, where I will be one day. Hope you enjoyed your meal.

  2. *wonders when technology will come up with an aroma app* I can imagine how delicious your house smelled! And you bake your own Irish soda bread! I wish I was that ambitious.
    Hope your evening was happily spent!

      • Mmmmmmmmmmmm Donuts! I always gift myself with a 1/2 dozen for my birthday every year; 3 for me and 3 for Q. 🙂 I totally agree about us not needing to be filling ourselves up with things which are not actually good for us – physically – though once in a while, a treat is very necessary.

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