Warmth & Light ….. Foggy & Damp Style

Photography 101..Day 9. I was extremely excited to read last night that our subject for today is/was warmth and the quality of light. Made my mental plan to be up and out of the house for sunrise on the beach. Well, even with the best of plans, you can’t depend on Mother Nature to be accomodating!! It’s was Foggy!! But, to the beach I went…..this, fellow photographers…is my Saint Patty’s Day Sunrise….not exactly the light and warmth I was going for!!! But…………….

……….as I continued my Soul Stroll, I noticed something up ahead of me laying in the sand…At first I thought it was a washed up fat kind of fish……instead, I was treated with this furry, major dose of cuteness, that made the foggy morning all warm and fuzzy!!!!!

This is the first time I’ve seen a seal since we moved here 9 years ago. He was napping…I laid out in the coolness of the damp sand, took my photos and hung out with him for about 15 minutes….I then said my Thank You for posing so nicely for me and headed back down the beach…….

So, even on a foggy, damp morning, one can still find some light and warmth, if you just open yourself up to it!!! That my friends, is my interpretation of today’s subject!!!

Here is a link to a past post to give you an idea of what I was going after!!! 😄☀️

Light & Warmth

34 thoughts on “Warmth & Light ….. Foggy & Damp Style

    • They’ve been known to stop and rest here…this one was moving fine…he was stretching, twisting his head,,,,and trying to nap. Every time he heard my camera click he’d lift his head, look at me as if to say…’Really?’ lol

  1. They just come up and lay on the beach like that? How far from the water was he/she? Do they let you pet them? Does anyone ever hurt them? Lordy! That picture brought out the “vulnerable” in me!

    • I’m awful with judging distance,,,but wasn’t far from the water line…20-25 feet maybe?!?! Solitary seals have been spotted up and down Assateague in the past…not often though…he didn’t seem hurt, just resting, which is what the park rangers saiy they do…He/she didn’t seem spooked by me, but you could tell he was leery…I didn’t move much…once I plopped myself in the sand I just stayed put, and when I did move, it was slowly……a total gift and surprise for me!!! ❤️

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