Beachy Oddballs III

Sunday means another installment of Cee’s Oddball Challenge . The beach has given me enough oddballs for a 3rd week…hey, it’s said third times the charm, so here’s my oddball views…..


there is Never a lack of Beachy Art


spiny horseshoe crab tails


this was a first

11 thoughts on “Beachy Oddballs III

  1. LOL! That last one was a hoot. What in the world were they doing with that do you suppose? Great pictures. I think it’s interesting the way people DO put artsy-fartsy stuff up on the beach.

    • I love the beachy for the pool and tire…it was pulled up away from the tide line…I’m assuming it must have washed up??!! It was quite a ways up the beach, to far of a walk to drag it…I figure the park rangers will have picked it up on one of their beach rounds…

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