Capturing A Moment In Time…

Photography 101…Day 13….Moment & Motion. Spent the day literally mending fences…so I dove into my folders and picked a few photos that I felt fit today’s subject.


rough water while on board the Cape May-Lewes Ferry


SAR Helicoptor propeller


in flight


dancing flames


coming in for a landing


18 thoughts on “Capturing A Moment In Time…

  1. Oh geez… I didn’t have the helicopter picture scrolled up all the way, just saw the top of it. Thought it was a lawn sprinkler. LOL That would have worked, but I was surprised when it was a copter! Great pictures.

  2. Turns out you had quite a stash in there – the first one resonates with me, as do the flames. I don’t know how I’d go trying fire with my ph camera. Will have to experiment 🙂

    • The IPhone takes great photos…sometimes you just need the ease and simplicity and the quickness it provides. My camera was inside, my phone was available, point and shoot and there you have it,,dancing flames

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