Feeling Lighter

This popped in my head as I was working out this morning…the subject of ‘shedding the weight’ is front and center on my mind as I’m making my way through the 21-Day Meditation Experience…..I guess you could call it a 2-part haiku?!? I’m out of my league when it comes to the proper verbage to use….

To set myself free
I must let go of my past
To lighten my load….


The weight melts away
Freely my Spirit dances
As I find my truth….


13 thoughts on “Feeling Lighter

  1. In a haiku there ARE no proper words , woman! It’s just a thought about what you’re feeling and observing! And I’d say you nailed THAT one pretty well! A really great, forward-looking perception for you.

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  3. Not sure if continuing with work on my memoir which incorporates my career journey and an illness plus journey from birth – 11 years, mother’s illness at 12 years -starting nursing at 16 years, Retirement & Gambian journey will help me to let go.
    I get a sense of dwelling on the past has potential to hinder the present.

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