Pure Joy….In A Word. Nana 😄

This week, over at The Sandbox Writing Challenge we were asked the following question…

What would make you feel the way this woman feels?

Hands down, for me, was finding out I was going to be a Nana. 

Each time (up to 6 now!) was not only a surprise, but a gift and blessing as well…and it’s a gift that just keeps on giving……..their individual personalities as they grow amaze and astound me……

 Each time my Emily sends me a text or calls to FaceTime with me (She’s almost 13, she thinks I’m cool and weird, this makes me smile!😜)

The first time Landon called me, unexpectedly, and said “Hi Nana, whatcha doing? Can I come to your house?” Tears, smiles and laughs!! 💙

Mason, with those baby blue eyes, and showing his Nana how he can count to ten via FaceTime..he’s so smart, if I do say so!! 💙

Jemma, who insists on saying “I love you AND Olaf” whenever she gets her hands on the phone..and then blows kisses. 💋

And the joy of 2 more babies. Mason’s sister, who is due April 15, but from what I’m hearing, may be coming sooner,,,her mommy has started dialating!!! 💓

And Landon and Jemma’s new brother or sister will be here in August.❤️

My journey hasn’t been an easy one, there was not a lot to smile about, there was not a lot of joy……but I wouldn’t change a thing….it brought me to this place, it’s given me 3 amazing children and 6 grandchildren…..They are my reason to Smile!!!! ☺️

11 thoughts on “Pure Joy….In A Word. Nana 😄

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  2. I became a grandmother Friday after St. Patrick’s day. I can’t wait to hold him again!

    I too have had some bad times in my life but I believe I wouldn’t have become the me that I am, if I hadn’t grown through the survival or adaptation to them. Lovely post.

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