To Crop Or Not To Crop..That Is The Question?!


I’m incredibly blessed to call this little island home. What a gift I receive each and every time I step foot outside my door…….

Photography 101-Day 15-Landscape & Cropping. Since Mother Nature has seen fit to envelope our island in dark clouds and thunderstorms, I’m sharing some past photographs!!! Some have been cropped, others have not.


love the colors of the marsh grasses in the fall (uncropped)


old coast guard station..loved the clouds (cropped)



sunrise over the marsh (cropped)


sunrise at the beach (uncropped)


36 thoughts on “To Crop Or Not To Crop..That Is The Question?!

  1. I love the scenery you shoot, and very well cropped photos!
    I especially love how the first photo has a foreground, a middle ground and then, in the distance, the background- and they’re also kind of in the “thirds” lines.
    I wonder if you’ve ever tried cropping the coastguard station with the station on the same horizontal line, but a little farther off to the side?

    • Thank you!!! I did try cropping the CGS off to the right…but it wasn’t working for me..there’s a power line tower off to the left that I wanted out of the photo…as it is, there’s a smaller one still in the photo 😁

  2. Man! The last two took my breath away. Especially the one of the marsh grass at sunrise. Those colors are so awesome. You truly ARE blessed to live in a place with such beautiful scenery…

  3. Whether you realize it or not, you have a great eye for balance in your pictures. Good job! I think it would be interesting to post the original pictures with their cropped version. Lovely photos!!

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