Saturday Serenade 🎤 William Ackerman ðŸŽ¸

For today’s installment of SS…over the last few days Ive been listening to the music of William Ackerman and thought I’d share ☮🕉

William Ackerman (born 1949)[1] is an American guitarist and composer of acoustic-based instrumental music. He founded and ran for many years the influential New Age record label Windham Hill Records. {source}

The Moment

Creeks & Cascades

Conferring With The Moon


13 thoughts on “Saturday Serenade 🎤 William Ackerman ðŸŽ¸

  1. Loved these! I have so many Windham Hill CD’s on my wish list at Amazon. My Pandora New Age site has a lot of that music on there. Haven’t heard of him in particular. And there was no guitar music on my list. I’ll have to check out a couple of his CD’s. Indian flutes and cellos have been my sounds of choice lately. We have a friend at church named Chris Green who plays the cello. He does special music every now and then. He has a concert coming up. You would have found out Good Friday service interesting, I bet. There was lots of quiet, meditative time. And while that was happening, folks from our bell choir had their bells upside down and were running their finger around the bowl of the bell. It made the weirdest humming sound. Felt very Buddhist. And at the end of each meditation period they sounded one of the hanging chimes. It was pretty atmospheric and cool. By the time we left the sanctuary had been stripped of decorations and the lights had been turned out. It was very effective.

  2. I see the name, and I think, I know that name, and I listen to “The Moment,” and I think, I know that. But not from his specific albums. Did he appear on any Narada CDs? Such peace in the music. Are you familiar with David Lanz?

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