Finding My Balance 

My first week of the 21-Day Meditation Experience has been a full-filling and nourishing one…reminding me of the connectedness of mind, body and spirit as well as the importance of shedding all that is toxic, negative, and unhealthy, and nourishing myself with the positive, the good, the real.

Day 7-Centering Thought

Day 7 – Total Balance Is Natural Balance

“The road to health for everyone is through moderation, harmony, and a sound mind in a sound body.” ― Jostein Gaarder

In these first few days together, we have realized we lighten our burdens by coming into balance. But even if we understand that balance is desirable, it will elude us if we approach balance with different parts of our life separately.

Because all the pieces are interconnected, it’s better to “shed the weight” by looking at the whole mind-body system. Our aim is total balance. You can’t achieve this by struggle, effort, discipline, worry, or fighting with yourself. Total balance is achievable by going to a place of total balance – your true self. In meditation, you find your true self, and as you continue the practice, you identify with it more and more. 

In time, you discover that you were whole all along.


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