I’ve A Hankering For a Huge Slice Of Gypsy Pie…

A beautiful, sunny, yet cool day for playing in the Sandbox Writing Challenge. This one was a no-brainer for me…..Calen put forth the following…..

In a word….WANDERLUST BABY!!!!! ☮



The hunger that I’m feeling

Has nothing to do with food..

It’s a craving that runs deep inside

One that can often be misconstrued…

I try to ignore the hunger pains

In hopes they’ll just go away…

But even when they do subside

Their presence still remains…

For running deep inside of me

Through my veins and through my soul….

Is a craving and a hunger for

Hitting the Gypsy Road…

A huge helping of Wanderlust

Is what I’m wishing for….

Side order of VW Bus

Peace Out, I’m out the door!!!  ✌️


All rights reserved



I used to feel guilty about my want and need for adventure,,for always having that itch to pick up and go. Not anymore. I still have that itch, and dam I want to scratch it, and maybe the time will come when I can. In the meantime, my imagination, my dreams, my books, Pinterst boards and fellow bloggers help keep that hunger abated. 

7 thoughts on “I’ve A Hankering For a Huge Slice Of Gypsy Pie…

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  2. Ah the days of traveling around in my VW bus. I’m so glad I did it when I did. I would get another VW bus, but they are murder going up hills (no power) and they have no power steering, so curvy roads are hard, as is parallel parking in tight spaces. But you can’t beat the comfort and gas mileage. But, when I was doing that, gas was 19 cents a gallon! It was so fun, though. Sooooo fun. I hope you do it.
    I also love the pictures Calen put up, but I just can’t seem to get the hang of towing stuff.

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