Triumph In A Scratch 

Well, today marks the end of Photography 101. It’s been eye opening. I learned a few things, and hopefully I’ll learn to put them to use. More times than not, the stuff I learned goes out the window when I’m in the middle of ‘shooting’…….Anyway, thanks so much to @rootjosh @pmciano for being our hosts and taking us along on this photography ride. No doubt you’ll see me again sometime in the future! And thank you to my fellow Photogs, for sharing your work. It was wonderful to see how differently same we ‘saw’ the subjects!!!

My photographs for our subject of Triumph & Contrast unfortunately are not from today. We’ve got highs winds, rain and fog….Mother Nature just isn’t cooperating today. Sooooo…as I was sitting here contemplating my dilemma, I got an itch between my shoulder blades. Y’all know how that is, trying to find a way to reach it….I grabbed the closest thing to me…My sharpie (with cap on of course 😄) I got that itch,,,and bam, TRIUMPH!  Below, are my photographs of Triumph at Scratching That Itch!!!! Also, played a little bit with the contrast, but not much.


getting it…getting it!!


rollin’ that itch away


when all else fails, use a tree for a scratching post!



13 thoughts on “Triumph In A Scratch 

  1. Aaaahhh Love these!!!
    Hmmm, I just don’t know how to spell the first word. Not aaahhh as in a stretched out ah. The a sound is more like at.

  2. I inherited a backscratcher from Dad. Most used thing in the house !! Gorgeous, inspired photos I’m sure everyone can relate to. Loved sharing the journey of photo101 with you 🙂

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