Breaking Through Those Barriers…๐Ÿ‘Š

Today marks Day 14 of the 21-Day Meditation Experience. Each Soul Stroll, Each Meditation, I embrace the tiny breakthroughs that occur. There is no major fanfare going on, no busting down the door kind of breakthrough, but a continual feeling of lightness as I walk my journey. The lightness and freedom that come from recognizing and acknowledging that which was/is weighing me down….And allowing myself to let it/them go, for my own well-being. Breaking down those barriers, breaking those habits…being Free of them, feels pretty dam good!! 


Day 14 – Many Breakthroughs, One Victory

โ€œBreakthrough is guaranteed, if there is enough light.โ€ โ€• Sunday Adelaja

You make a breakthrough every time you break out of a habitual response. Habit may veil our awareness, but awareness has the real power. At any given moment, if you notice how you really feel and what you really want, old habits begin to dissolve. People can break as many habits as they want by giving themselves freedom of choice.

Celebrate every breakthrough the minute it occurs, but know that in reality there is only one victory: the victory of awareness.

6 thoughts on “Breaking Through Those Barriers…๐Ÿ‘Š

    • It came at just the right time Bernadette. The premise behind this ‘experience’ is called Shedding The Weight Mind, Body and Spirit. Last year I let my physical health take a back seat, using my sciatica and hip/groin pain as an excuse to eat and not exercise. Needless to say, the weight piled on. I started my weight loss journey on Jan 1, with a goal to lose 30 pounds by June. As of yesterday, I’m 20 pounds lighter….I’m well aware of how inter-connected the mind, body and spirit are…and when this free exercise came to my attention, I jumped at the chance. The insightful and informative info I’m gleaming from these daily exercises have been so helpful……..

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