Rewriting My Story πŸ–‹

We’ve started the final week of the 21-Day Meditation Experience. Today, Day 15.. Centers around Your/My Story…..

I am the author of my story….

As I shed my burdens

I’m writing a new narrative

One filled with new possibilities….

As Deepak says..“The power of intention drives personal reality” I’m embracing every part of my journey as a rewrite My Story of Transcendence, it’s my evolution…….


Day 15 – Transformation Is About Your Personal Story

β€œYou write your life story by the choices you make.”  ~Helen Mirren~

We are all living a personal story, and every story has ups and downs, low points and high points. But what’s important is the theme that structures and guides our story.

When your story has positive, life-supporting themes, you have found the key to transformation. Changing your theme is more effective than trying to fix yourself one issue at a time. The most positive themes include lightness, worthiness, self-acceptance, evolution, and love.

Your theme should be aimed at making you feel good every day. It should open new possibilities. It should give you optimism that you are being renewed.



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