This Little Light Of Mine Will Shine Shine Shine ☀️☀️☀️

Day 21. I’ve come to my end of the 21-Day Meditation Experience. It may be the end of this small little journey, but it’s really only the beginning. I’m grateful for the timing of this experience. This Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Soul Experience’s timing has coincided with my own weight loss journey…as well as the discovery of my voice while I’m shedding the weight of my past…..

I take away from this experience the knowledge that I Am Not my burdens. My transformation will continue as I re-connect with My True Self, and in so doing, my light shines brighter…..Dang if I’m not feeling so light I feel as though I’m walking on air!! ☺️

I accept and embrace each moment…….My hope is that as my own Light shines brighter, it touches others….and as I share these moments, I hope they touch you, and maybe even help you shed some of the weight you may be carrying…while igniting you own transformation!!! ☀️🙏

Day 21-Centering Thought

Day 21 – Bringing Light into the World

“Let your presence light new light in the hearts of others.” ― Mother Teresa

Today’s meditation teaches us that as life becomes lighter, you open a channel for the light to enter you. This is the light of awareness, freedom, truth, and love. The greatest influence you can possibly have is to radiate your own being from the level of the true self. It’s not out of duty that we let our light shine, but because it’s our joy to bring light into the world.


Jyoti Jyotova

The light of life extends everywhere.


9 thoughts on “This Little Light Of Mine Will Shine Shine Shine ☀️☀️☀️

  1. Congratulations! You really went through this program 100% Thank you for sharing your process with us!!!

  2. What a wonderful accomplishment, Linda! You’ve always let your light shine, and now, it shines with greater brightness! Congratulations! This reminds me of the ‘Let The Sun Shine In,” song from HAIR. Or, even the “Good Morning Starshine,” also from HAIR!

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