The Rhythm Of Nature 🌊


a Perfect Point Of View

In solitude

I walk,

With hand on my heart…

Face turned up

To greet the rising sun,

My inner fire burns….

As my Spirit dances

To the harmonic pounding 

Of the waves….

My Soul flies free,

Riding upon the rhythm

Of the sound of Nature,

(and the sea)


2016 all rights reserved


My View


19 thoughts on “The Rhythm Of Nature 🌊

  1. Loved your poem and the pictures, Linda…and love the sea, as well. Is that ice off shore in the first picture? I used to go to a State Park on Lake Ontario which would get off shore ice…We could walk for hours there. Thanks for taking me to a lovely memory! Jo

      • I have seen ice from spray on the shore in Cape Cod though it is rare, though the marsh and channels there were often freeze – at least on the top and pieces of ice would stick to the march grasses. Obviously, a lake, less “restless” than the ocean, even one of the Great Lakes, can freeze over. My memory came from a Good Friday trip one year in March when things had begun to melt. I went with a friend and our dogs. There was melted water near the sand and then a kind of mound of ice in a long ridge the whole length of the long beach, perhaps twenty/thirty yards off shore. The dogs swam to it and as we walked the beach they happily ran on the ice ridge. The best part of the memory was that while I was there my daughter called to tell me she was pregnant with twins!

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