Behind Close Doors 🗝

Here we are….Week #35 of the Sandbox Writing Challenge. I Cannot believe we’ve been digging that long!!!! Have to say it’s been an interesting excavation so far, one that has proven to be very therapeutic and eye-opening!!  This week, we’re being instructed to answer the following………..

what is behind this door that you want? you hold the key. whats stopping you?


In my hand I hold the key

To open up that door….

Behind it, 

There’s suppose to be,

The answers I’ve been looking for.

I’ve asked these questions

So many times,

I can’t even count.

But now that the time is near,

I’m beginning to have my doubts.

What if, 

Those answers, aren’t what

I need or want to hear?

What if,

They’re not the ones 

I was Looking for,

All these many years?

Key’s in the lock

I give it a turn

And I hear the click………….


I think I’ll leave 

Well enough alone,

I’ll turn and walk away…

What’s hiding behind that door

Can wait another day……

I’ve come this far

Without the answers,

Maybe that’s the way it’s

Suppose to be!?

No answers,

are sometimes,

The best answers 

there can be.




I wear my own lock and key…the key is the tail end of the dragonfly, wrapped under my arm looking for its place inside the lock…

24 thoughts on “Behind Close Doors 🗝

  1. Great poem! Intriguing. I wonder what the questions are, and if the answers really are behind that door. And what it is that is stopping you from opening it? Looking at it, it is a little bit scary – that big old door. What if there are lies behind it.that want to pull you in? Maybe there was some intuition that it wasn’t really your truth behind it, It is an interesting question, this prompt. Thanks Linda.

    • I figure it this way Mary….if the answers are meant to be found, they will be at the right time…but I do believe that the answer may just be no answers at all………

      These exercises have me on an amazing journey, and through them I have found some of my answers….

      • For me, the answers are in my heart, when I really tune in. Looking outside for them, doesn’t really work for me. I think it’s cool you didn’t open the door. You have a beautiful process, Linda. Thank you for sharing.

      • Inside is where Most of them lie Mary. That’s why I wear my own lock and key ☺️
        Answers from the outside may shed a little light on things…but finding my own way and answers is what my journey is all about.

  2. Wonderfully written, as your lines pull me in closer and closer always leaving me wanting to find out more, but then sometimes no answer is the best answer!

    Thank you!!


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  4. No No No just open the door since you have the key and you have come till the door.
    Enter see whats there and there must be something for you as you have yearned.
    At first you may not get to see but do not get disheartened, search I am sure you shall find something.
    Don’t forget to tell me what you got.
    You are a spiritual dragon and you cannot fly empty handed. Dear!

  5. Oh my Lord! I am in LOVE with your poem and this: …the key is the tail end of the dragonfly, wrapped under my arm looking for its place inside the lock… They both quite literally took my breath away!

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