Day 1…..Nana’s In The House ☺️ 

This Nana is tired…..everyone is napping…I’m making dinner so thought I’d pop on quick…..I’m enjoying every single moment…💓💓💓


I know…blurry…but Im holding my peanut 💓


pretty in pink…polka dots 💓


This guy is keeping me moving!!



17 thoughts on “Day 1…..Nana’s In The House ☺️ 

  1. Congratulations Nana, the Baby is so adorable, like a little Fairy all in pink she has your eyes Linda and was looking at you. What a handsome young man you have for a Grandson – beautiful family. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. What a nice piece,I remember the days of raising my new born, it makes me want to have another kid. I would really appreciate your input on my stories at gastradamus, I have very interesting subject matters that need feedback from people like you, would really mean the world to me if you could check them out, have a blessed day.

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