Pennsylvania Morning ☀️ Soul Stroll

Here I lay

In the darkness before the dawn.

Window cracked opened,

The crispness of the cool air

Feels refreshing.

While the morning sounds,

Are a subtle whisper 

Of the day to come…..

Sky is getting lighter

Bird song begins.

It’s all beckoning to me

To get up, get out,

Join in.

Laced up my sneakers

And off I went….

While the Morning Doves

Cooed to each other,

I kept in time to 

The pecking of a woodpecker.

Sun peaking through the branches

Reflections on calm waters.

Mountain laurel beginning to bloom,

The signs of spring are all around.

Deer say good morning,

As I Soul Stroll along…..

©lindafedroff2016All rights reserved



Good Morning ☀️


22 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Morning ☀️ Soul Stroll

  1. For a minute I thought that was a dogwood tree, but it’s not. The leaves aren’t the right shape. And look at that! It’s Glenda the Good Witches bubble coming in for a landing. You were lucky to catch that! Have a nice chat, did ya? 😀

      • It is beautiful here…I called area home for 14 years…….all this grandkiddies are doing well….Baby girl Natalie has her first dr’s appointment today….Mason has his moments between loving his little sister and wanting to send her back, not wanting to share
        As for me…I’m loving every minute..just trying to stay out of the way, yet make myself useful…😄

    • Thank you Bernadette!! I’m over the moon!! As for the deer, because of all the homes moving in on their territory, they’re not over skittish with people…..some will even come up and take apples out of your hand!

  2. It is only natural the little lad wants his Mummy all to himself, you are so lucky Linda. How is your Daughter she is due soon is she not? Hope all goes well for her and it won’t be too long.

    • Anna…Kristen is due August 5….she’s already uncomfortable…it’s going to be a tough summer for her…I’m hoping she’ll let Landon come stay with me for a week or two…I’ve got some convincing to do!!

      • How old is Landon, it will be tough for your Daughter. I know when I had my first Son, Jonathan (he is now going to be 37) in June 1979 it was so hot and what that felt like. It would help Kristen possibly to rest more if you had Landon for a while. You have such lovely Grandchildren.

      • Landon is 4 1/2 Anna. I’d love to have him. I’m going to talk to her more about it. They’re also in the process of trying to sell their house and look for a new place to live…a lot going on!!! 😁

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