Alone…But Never Lonely 

Another week…another day in the SANDBOX………Writing Challenge. This week I’m digging from a new location……..same results though. Still gotta shift through the rocky stuff to get to the smooth silky sand.

This weeks challenge asks us WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL LONELY?

Lonely….happened while I was living in the home we built as a family. Husband, 3 children, 3 dogs, 4 cats, and 2 ferrets. In a household of chaos and business, I was inexplicably lonely……it was not a good place to be………..thankfully, that was then, this is now………

I’ve closed the door on yesterday…..That’s no longer my life.

Now a days….I actually seek out and enjoy my solitude. I’ve said it numerous times before…I need it and I’m selfish with it…sometimes to a fault. It’s hard for those who need and seek companionship on a more regular basis, to understand those of us who prefer our own company….I’ve stopped trying to explain. Now when asked, I shrug my shoulders and simply say, ‘that’s me.” I have found as I get older, I’m much more content not being in the middle of things, preferring to remain outside on the peripheral.

frm Beachcombing At Miramar (one of my favorite books)

I’ve blogged about this book before…FINDING MYSELF IN THE PAGES OF A here

I may be Alone….but I’m never Lonely.

9 thoughts on “Alone…But Never Lonely 

  1. Well said Linda. There are people who just do not understand the difference between being a Loner and feeling lonely. I could not have said it any better than you have, I do not like crowds I could not stand seeking out “friends” just for the sake of feeling lonely. I love my solitude, as you do, I never feel I have to find someone to talk to, it’s just me going along in my own World, we do not have to justify being a loner. Thanks Linda for what you said.

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  3. “I have found as I get older, I’m much more content not being in the middle of things, preferring to remain outside on the peripheral.” As much of a people person as I am, I’m sure beginning to find that this is true for me as well. And yet solitude itself doesn’t sit well with me. I guess I need to think about that. I haven’t written my post yet…

    (I gotta get me that book! Going right now to put it on my wish list at Amazon!)

    • Jim and I were talking about it recently…he feels the same way regarding solitude….when we go out, we both find ourselves sitting off to the side……it’s nice seeing everyone, yet it’s short lived….system overload happens real fast anymore…and I want to run away and be alone again!!!

      • Plato and I were talking about this last night. His “girls” have gone to Orlando for a few days and he was alone and out for a beer. He just sits and listens and observes and says he’s happy with that since talking is what he does for a living. I’m beginning to understand that with him, but I can’t, for the life of me, equate it with my own personal experience.

      • Don’t knock it till you try it……….it’s hard sometimes, when we’re sitting at a local place and we know everyone….most know us well enough now that if we sit at the bar,,,we want to socialize….if we take ‘our table’ in the corner, we want to be alone ☺️

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