Day 5…..Nana Time Is Winding Down….

Time just seems to fly by…..cannot believe Natalie ( or as Mason calls her…Nania…Looks like that’s her new name as we’re all calling her that now!)  is a week old already.

“Nanas don’t just say “that’s nice” — they reel back and roll their eyes and throw up their hands and smile. You get your money’s worth out of Nanas ” ~Author Unknown


Natalie aka Nania

I spent most of today cooking, giving the kids their space and family time. Making enough meals to freeze so Britt won’t have to worry about dinner next week. 

Then it was time for family pizza night tonight…all my kids under one roof..first time in 2 years for me!!! Chaos…and lots of love and laughs….I’m truly Blessed ❤️

“My three children have always been the most important thing in my life and my greatest blessing. Having my children at a young age means that I am now lucky enough to enjoy the experience of all my children becoming parents, the abundance of love and joy that I have in my life with all of these ‘little treasures’ is amazing.”  ~Unknown~


Jemma on my lap!! ☺️


❤️ These faces


my oldest granddaughter Emily holding Nania



16 thoughts on “Day 5…..Nana Time Is Winding Down….

    • I have an early flight tomorrow morning 😔 it’s time. The kids need their space……they have a small home, so it’s not like I have my own room…time to let them be a family. They’ll be coming down in July for 10 days…so it gives me something to look forward to ☺️

  1. Congratulations on your beautiful new granddaughter! We have the first new baby in our family in a long time; a grand niece born last Sunday. Haven’t gotten to see her yet, buts lots of pictures and I feel, as you do, such gratitude for our family.

  2. The baby just looks so adorable,like a little doll. Emily is you, same eyes. You have such happy looking Grandchildren. I just wish with all my heart my Mother had wanted and loved her only Grandchildren, my two Sons. Once only did she ever come out with me with one of the babies, I always cried when I would see Nanas with their Grandchildren. Beautiful Grandchildren Linda.

    • Thank you Anna…I am Blessed. Im sorry your mother chose not to share the joy of her grandsons…………Family dynamics are a strange thing.

      I don’t have a relationship with my mother,,,so shes cut herself out of her grandchildrens lives,,now she misses out on great-grandchildren..her loss.

  3. Oh what a beautiful little pixie to add to your fold. And you are right, it is such a blessing to have them young enough to spend those bonus years with the grandchildren and share all your wonderful creativity and wisdom with them.

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