Always A Nana……☺️

Sitting here, in Philly..drinking my coffee with mixed emotions…..I miss my Jim, my home and my routine…..yet it never gets any easier leaving my children. I enjoyed every moment…but it’s also time to give them their space as they all adjust to being a family of 4. Mason isn’t so sure about sharing his mommy with *Nania*………..with that said, he and I had a good day yesterday….

hanging out on the swing

mason and nana’s cairn

we saw sparkles on the water and dragonflies in the air!!! 😄

next time I hold this little peanut she’ll be 2 1/2 minths old!!

Next up……boarding the plane…..

“Everytime I slip into the ocean, it’s like going home.” ~Sylvia Earle~



14 thoughts on “Always A Nana……☺️

    • They all live near the Poconos of PA………flight delay by an hour 🙃🙃 ..I’ve been up since 1:30……I need more coffee but need to wait…not a good idea to have another cup before getting in the plane……😳

      I told Mason it’s a special ‘tower’ we built for Nana’s dragonflies 💚

  1. Sadness to leave such a lovely family and yet happiness to be home with your beloved. Thank you for sharing such happy times, and as ever fabulous pics. Memories will always be with you.

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