Can You See Me Now?!?!? πŸ‘πŸ‘€

Today’s feature over at Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge is Hiding and/or Camouflaged…….went searching through my archives to see what I could come up with….I think these fit the bill?!

This was the very first moose I saw on a vacation up in New England some years ago. Back then, I had a ‘thing’ for Moose and wanted to see one in ‘person’. While driving along, I had my eyes peeled when I spotted this fellow, trying to blend in…I practically jumped out of the truck while it was still moving πŸ˜„ I was able to get a few shots before a line of cars started piling up behind us. He just leisurely turned around and walked away…but I got my pic!!!


lil grasshopper

betcha cant see me

pony rest

27 thoughts on “Can You See Me Now?!?!? πŸ‘πŸ‘€

  1. Really cool photos, Linda! I love the way they just blend into the surroundings. I took a photo some weeks ago where a falcon flew into our back yard and landed in a tree right beyond our window. I saw it land, but it took me quite some time to find it again among the branches.

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