Happy Birthday Walt

“Peace is always beautiful.” ~Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass~

Walter “Walt” Whitman (/ˈhwɪtmən/; May 31, 1819 – March 26, 1892)
was an American poet, essayist, and journalist. A humanist, he was a part of the transition between transcendentalism and realism, incorporating both views in his works. Whitman is among the most influential poets in the American canon, often called the father of free verse.[1] His work was very controversial in its time, particularly his poetry collection Leaves of Grass, which was described as obscene for its overt sexuality.

Born in Huntington on Long Island, Whitman worked as a journalist, a teacher, a government clerk, and—in addition to publishing his poetry—was a volunteer nurse during the American Civil War. Early in his career, he also produced a temperance novel, Franklin Evans (1842). Whitman’s major work, Leaves of Grass, was first published in 1855 with his own money. The work was an attempt at reaching out to the common person with an American epic. He continued expanding and revising it until his death in 1892. After a stroke towards the end of his life, he moved to Camden, New Jersey, where his health further declined. When he died at age 72, his funeral became a public spectacle.[2][3]


“Not I, nor anyone else can travel that road for you.

You must travel it by yourself.

It is not far. It is within reach.

Perhaps you have been on it since you were born, and did not know. 

Perhaps it is everywhere – on water and land.” 

~Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass~

Musical Dedication To Those Who Share Their Vision 📸

I’m a day late…but over at The Monday Music Medicine Show Fims changing things up a bit…..So my beautiful Monday Music Medicine Show friends, if it pleases you to play, share with us: A blogging colleague you want to let know how much you appreciate them in your blogging life. How much they lift you up………instead of choosing just one fellow blogger…I’m dedicating this to all my fellow photographers. I so enjoy seeing life though ‘your eyes’. Thank you for sharing your vision with us……




Circle Of Friends…I’m My Own Best Friend

This is the last week of SoulsGifts…Circle Of Friends. Raili will be continuing the series as a once a month challenge for this is us so inclined to continue. This weeks theme ………

In this last week of May the theme is about friendship with the Self. That’s right – your friendship with yourself! Here’s some suggestions you might want to consider to get those creative juices flowing:

How do you show yourself that you’re friends? Where in your mud map do you sit? Are you a special friend? Have you ever given yourself a gift? Is there something unique about your friendship with yourself?

 I believe, for the most part…I Am a pretty good friend to myself….Now. There was a time I berated myself, beat myself up and just didn’t like myself very much….Wishing I was anybody but me…..but that was then, this is now And I like the person I am today, actually I Love Me! ❤️😄

Nowadays, I do put myself at the top of the heap ( yes, I do feel a teeny tiny bit selfish saying that, but just a little) but I also know how important it is!!! How do I do that…I make time for me, myself and I. Just ‘us’ (me). I take my soul strolls…I’m taking better care of myself by eating better, exercising daily…When I look at myself in the mirror these days, I’m thinking I’m wearing 53 just fine 😊 and remind myself every day that……

And some of the bestest gifts I ever gave myself ……. permission to say No And getting rid of the toxicity in my life via relationships with certain people………bottom line, love and acceptance of self is one of the most loving things you can give yourself ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️