Circle Of Friends

My blogger friend Raili,over at soulgifts, is starting a new ‘challenge’ for the month of May, called Circle Of Friends. I thought it would be an interesting challenge for a ‘loner’ like me to participate in. Today’s challenge is  A Friendship Mud Map…… This is what I came up with…..

I liken my friendships to starfish on the beach.

They’re far and few between……..

I’ve never had any real, long term friendships…

Moving around as we did, they were fleeting friendships…

friendships of the moment.

The minute we upped and moved, the friendship

Circle was broken………

When the realization that I was always a loner

Hit me, and that it was ok, AND that I actually preferred

It that way,,,,I was able to see and appreciate the people

Who came and will come into my life in a whole different way.

Instead of feeling as though there was something wrong with me 

or something lacking because of the scarcity of friends,,,,,

I see myself enriched with the lessons and messages I received and

will receive from those I meet and befriend  along the way…and in

turn, I hope they will get the same from me, in our time together.

Like the ebb and flow of the sea,,,my friendships tend to come and go….

No longer do I mourn when they’ve ended, instead I choose to be grateful for the time afforded me. 

17 thoughts on “Circle Of Friends

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  2. Linda, this is a really lovely and heartwarming post on friendships. There are seasons for friends as there are for other things in our lives too. Before I married we moved around a lot too. First big move was all the way across the world from Finland to Australia. In the first 20 years here, Mum and I tried to count how many times we had moved and lost track eventually. It averaged out to more than once a year! I did not keep contact with friends for long as we moved around. It’s no wonder I have only moved once, in the same city, after I got married! The drawing is just gorgeous 🙂

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  4. Thanks for this, it takes courage to admit that we are loners I believe. I don’t think I can be so honest on a blog, it will take some soul searching and possibly taking the link off facebook, as I have facebook friends that I am not able to share my-story with at the moment. Thansk and Blessings Joy

    • Thank You Joy. A few months ago I wouldn’t have been able to be as honest with myself…..I’ve grown and learned a lot over the last 8 months,,writing here has helped me be more honest then I’ve ever been even in my own journals?!?!?

      I’ve kept this blog separate from my FB as I am not ready to share so much of what I blog with certain others…one day I may….but for now, I’m grateful to those who follow, read and share here in WP. ☺️🙏

      • I know how you feel, and thank you for being honest. It feels great to come across people who are able to open up about themselves in the privacy of WP. I have had a blog called “This Pilgrims Progress” which I set up 2 years ago but never really posted. I am about to re-start. Blessings Joy

  5. What an interesting challenge.
    It also reminds me of a ‘map’ I drew from a workbook, but about all the different parts of myself. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your thoughts, and seeing your beautiful map!


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