Making Memories

This weeks topic over at the Sandbox Writing Challenge is the following…..


As Mother’s Day approaches
I have a single wish,
To have my children around me,
My grandchildren on my lap………..

The guys are in the kitchen,
Cooking up a storm,
The little ones running rampant,
Up and down the halls…..

We girls are sitting outside,
Enjoying the quiet and fresh air..
When all at once I’m surrounded,
And pulled, “Come on Nana, lets play!”

Barefoot and breathless,
We run around the yard,
Chasing each other around the trees,
Then collapsing in a heap of laughter.

We’ll enjoy a wonderful meal,
Some wine, and dessert…
Homemade cards and lots of hugs,
Blessings to many to count.

We’ll have a lovely afternoon,
Filled with love, smiles and laughs,
Making happy memories
That we’ll carry in our hearts…

21 thoughts on “Making Memories

  1. The essence of a fabulous Mother’s Day!!! And it would fit with that house perfectly. There’s even a small stream about three feet wide or so running through the yard. The water runs over rocks and it’s so pleasant to sit there and listen to it! (Though I readily admit I had a hard time getting past the “The guys are in the kitchen, Cooking up a storm,” Lordy! That’s such a foreign concept to me!!! LOL)

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