My Friend Buffy…Intro To Poetry Day 3

Intro To Poetry Day 3: Friend….Whether it’s about a time they saved your life or a moment when they disappointed you, write today’s poem about a friend: a person, an animal, or even a fictional character that’s close to your heart. You could also address a group of people, or an object that represents friendship for you.


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A long long time ago
When I was very young,
I lived in a house of horrors,
With no where to run….

Outside, tied up to his house,
Buffy was Always there.
He was a big black mutt,
Of unknown decent,
But I didn’t care….

What I knew was,
He was always there,
When I needed to get away.
I’d climb in his doghouse,
Hug him tight, close my eyes,
And pray..

To many he was just a dog,
Tied up with no real life.
He was a castaway just like me
My friend through all the strife..

For a time he was my Angel
The one I could turn to for a time.
Until one day I came home,
Buffy was gone,
With no goodbye.




7 thoughts on “My Friend Buffy…Intro To Poetry Day 3

  1. Maybe, that day, Buffy being gone was an opportunity to understand you, too, could break free? Sad as it was, he wasn’t locked up anymore. Did you ever just go and sit in the doghouse to get away, and feel like you still have a ‘retreat’ of sorts? Did the doghouse remain?

    Great poem! And I love that the relationship with our other than human brother and sister Beings can be thought of as a friendship. It’s how I’ve always considered it.

    • Fim, my life was so messed up back then..and I was so young, my memories of that time all kind of mesh together even though it was a 2 1/2 year time span…..i don’t think I ever went back in his doghouse…and to think of myself breaking free as maybe he did never would have crossed my mind…..though I knew I HAD to get away because the abuse was getting worse….

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